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Lloyd Media Group is a Digital Marketing Agency Offering Services in Media Planning & Buying, Training & Development, Retail Management, Graphics, and Content Creation

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Miguel Lloyd, CEO of Lloyd Media Group

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  • Marketing Consultant
  • Producer
  • Event Moderator
  • Trainer
  • Content Developer
  • Media Planner

Miguel has a distinctive media career that started as a college student in 1995. While studying the art of communications, he served as a radio broadcaster in sports, jazz, and news coverage. He professionally served his alma mater, Norfolk State University as a sports announcer, talk show host, and producer.

At Lloyd Media Group, Miguel and his associates assist their clients in the areas of marketing program development, media planning & buying, audio & video production, and traditional & digital marketing. Miguel has also used this company as a platform to launch other ventures in broadcasting and media distribution.

Miguel is the executive producer and host of Life Full Circle Radio. Miguel along with his team, produce a comprehensive lifestyle podcast that grabs stories from the headlines and expounds on the subject through their personal life experiences and the informed opinions of subject matter experts nationwide.

His entire career has been centered on creativity, expression, and most importantly results for his clients. Miguel is a tireless researcher and an avid media practitioner. He believes to understand the ways to effectively use the market’s mediums, you have to understand them. That fervor for the industry has translated into success for his clients as well as assisted him in creating above industry standard programs that will translate to ratings for any production companies who chose to work with him.

Team Skills

Media Planning & Buying
Client Management
Retail Management
Social Engagement
Content Creation

Industry Verticals Served

Start Ups
Growing Enterprises
Civic Organizations
Government Contractors
Government Agencies
Political Candidates
Political Action Committees

Clients Served

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