Every now and again we all need a little maintenance. We’re often so busy working in our businesses, that we forget to work on our business. That’s where our latest project came to past. I looked at my site objectively, while meeting with a prospect and I realized, it was time for an upgrade.

Depending on what you do, there’s probably some things that you’ve missed. You might own a restaurant, but haven’t gotten that “A” from the health department because you missed a spot or two. Or you could be a lawyer, who’s bio images were taken when Obama was inaugurated. Regardless, you either have to have a second set of eyes or be your own second set of eyes to make sure a new prospects see you in your best light and you’re communicating how you can help their businesses.

Our site wasn’t terrible. It checked all the boxes. Visitors to our website could find out who we were, the services we provide, our past performance and how to contact us. With that said, there were a few enhancements in the marketplace that I was offering to my clients, that wasn’t on my own site.

So enjoy our new site. Here are a few pages that you may find useful.

Do you need a quick consultation?

Sometimes you may need a quick conversation or a full consultation on some of your marketing, media buying or social media needs. Feel free to follow this link to book a an appointment.

Please remember that consultation fees will be credited towards any future projects we work on for you. https://lloydmediagroup.net/online-appointment-bookings/

I’d like to check out your portfolio?

There’s a link for that! https://lloydmediagroup.net/lmgportfolio/

What type of businesses have you had success with?

There’s a list of verticals, including, civic organizations, ministries and small to midsized business on our site as well.


We look forward to working on your next project in the immediate future!

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