“No one likes to charge. We’re trying to transform the industry…”

Recently we had an opportunity to interview and produce an interview with the team at Derek Automotive, a black-owned electric car manufacturer. Derek Automotive is working to transform the automotive industry by reducing carbon footprints and offering convenient options for charging. They have patented a new type of generator motor that is 53% more efficient compared to a traditional engine. The company uses this motor to convert fuel into electricity to recharge the batteries of their electric cars. 

Derek Automotives’s Retro By Exeeder division converts existing gas-powered cars into electric vehicles (EVs). This process involves ripping out all the gas components and replacing them with electric components. 

“No one likes to charge. We’re trying to transform the industry.” – Derek Bailey, Derek Automotive founder

“Driving an EV costs about $1 to charge, and the average car has 4,000 moving parts, while an EV only has 400.” – Greg Cole, President of Retro by Exeeder

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