Universal Home Care

branding, consulting, content-production, design, video, web
Client: Universal Home Care
Services: Video Production, Content Creation
Year: 2018
Universal Home Care was looking for a video that would focus on their ability serve the families of their community. They are serving a multicultural market that serves the family of seniors of their community.

Case Study

Client: Universal Home Care


To create a video commercial that highlights the ability of Universal Home Care to serve the families of their community, particularly seniors and their families from multicultural backgrounds.


Our team at Lloyd Media Group began by researching the market and understanding the needs and challenges of families with senior members from different cultural backgrounds. We collaborated with Universal Home Care to identify the key values, goals, and objectives of the organization.

Based on our research and discussions, we developed a concept that would showcase the caring, personalized, and culturally sensitive approach of Universal Home Care. We crafted a script that highlighted the services, values, and mission of the organization. We then proceeded to the production phase, which involved finding visual resources which matched the customer avatar attained during the discovery phase of our relationship with the client.

Our team worked closely with Universal Home Care to ensure that the video accurately represented the organization’s brand and message. We paid attention to details such as location, lighting, and casting to create a video that was both visually appealing and emotionally impactful.


The final video commercial effectively communicated Universal Home Care’s values, goals, and objectives to its target audience. The video showcased the organization’s ability to provide compassionate, culturally sensitive care to seniors and their families. It resonated with the multicultural community that Universal Home Care serves, generating positive feedback and increased interest in the organization’s services.


Our collaboration with Universal Home Care on this production project was a success. By leveraging our expertise in video production and marketing, we were able to create a powerful tool that helped Universal Home Care connect with its target audience and achieve its business objectives.