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Black Consumers Are A Solid Investment

If you are an entrepreneur developing products or an investor looking for companies that will give you a solid return on your investment, the black consumer market is a winner.

In this recent article released by Nielsen, the Black consumer continues to be a powerful force that drives sales in a range of verticals. If you look at the list attached the verticals range from haircare to charcoal. If you compare these numbers anecdotally, it simply makes sense.

African Americans love to cook at home and on the grill, so the fact that we over-index in frozen meats in our freezer, cookware, seasoning, shortening, and even charcoal is in line with our habits.

Personal appearance and hygiene are paramount in the African American community, which is the reason the top 5 verticals are all related to that those areas of our lives.

Between black’s love of chewing gum to the demand of the house getting a top to bottom scrub on Saturday morning, entrepreneurs have a lot of opportunities to build wealth by focusing on the needs of the African American consumer.

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