Black Panther…I’m really going to enjoy this movie tomorrow

February 15, 2018 | By lmgcontractor1

I’m really going to enjoy this movie tomorrow. There is no doubt in my mind. I’m so proud of the creators in marketplace that are making great content right now. #OprahWinfrey #AvaDuVernay #RyanCoogler…there are too many to name. Just like in sports, once we are given a chance, we shine.
Many on my timeline don’t get it and thats ok. We as black folks just want you to try and understand the struggle. Some may see these tears by Chadwick Boseman as tears about those kids with cancer, which it is. But its more than that. We are as black folks very rarely see America acknowledge our greatness without struggle. This brother is carrying a heavy load. He is playing a black super hero. Some will say, whats the big deal. It is a huge deal!
There have probably been 20 Superman films, 15 Batman movies, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, X-Men… so many movies that shows everyone but black men as the hero. As of this Friday, little kids of all races can dream of being a black super hero. That is awesome!
So yeah…I’m going to enjoy this movie tomorrow. And depending on if there isn’t too much profanity in it, I’m going to take my kids the next day. Yeah…I feel like i’m their hero, but I’ll share the stage with the #BlackPanther this week.