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Derek Campbell Agency and Lloyd Media Group Announce Partnership

The Partnership Will Promote The Derek Campbell Agency Throughout The Metro Atlanta Area, with a focus On Legacy Building Strategies For Their Clients

The Derek Campbell Agency, with 2 offices in the Metro Atlanta area, has announced their partnership with Lloyd Media Group this week.

Following a national review of agencies, The Derek Campbell Agency has selected Lloyd Media Group to manage all promotional, marketing and media efforts for the agency. DCA and its affiliates are seeking to continue growing its impact throughout the metro Atlanta area.

“We are excited to work with a local marketing agency like LMG to promote our marketing initiatives to reach more affluent and legacy conscious consumers in the Atlanta market. We are encouraged by what we’ve seen from Lloyd Media Group thus far and are looking forward to the future growth and profitability that we believe our partnership will provide.”

– Derek Campbell, Derek Campbell Agency

Through this collaboration, Lloyd Media Group will be creating and executing educational events, developing & managing sponsorship, and creating content to promote the agency and its partners throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Follow this link to review some of the programs that LMG has produced for DCA recently.

“Ive had the pleasure of serving clients like DCA throughout my 20 years in media, marketing and communications. His drive and determination to serve his clients are a great motivator for me to assure his success. We’re looking forward to being a catalyst to the continued growth of the Derek Campbell Agency and its affiliates in the Metro Atlanta Area.”

-Miguel Lloyd, CEO Lloyd Media Group

Lloyd Media Group is looking to create partnerships and collaborative relationships with businesses, chambers of commerce and corporations that are looking to help their membership and affiliates develop wealth building strategies. The goal is to improve the solvency of their businesses and personal finances.

Derek Campbell has over 18 years of experience in insurance and financial services. He has won many awards for his work over the years including Nationwide’s Champion Award in 2008 among others. DCA is currently the #1 producer of Nationwide Insurance’s long term care production solution CareMatters.

Lloyd Media Group is a full service digital marketing agency. They offer services in audio & video production, media coaching & training, communications and advertising campaign management. Lloyd Media Group also curates and distributes digital media for a variety of clients.

The partnership begins this week and will promote Derek Campbell Agency throughout Metro Atlanta.


For any questions or media inquiries, contact Miguel Lloyd with Lloyd Media Group at or at 404-990-3417


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