Life Full Circle Podcast: Hollywood Actor and Entrepreneur Laz Alonso

October 17, 2020 | By lmgcontractor1

Laz Alonso from BET, to Jumping The Broom and Avatar, the actor and entrepreneur talks about not only his career, but how Hollywood should handle community issues as well as how we should be feeding our children to achieve success

“Goerge Zimmerman walked outta his car with gun in hand…I’d put my life on it” -Laz Alonso

Check out this Interview Miguel Lloyd from Life Full Circle radio conducted with Hollywood Actor, Producer and Entrepreneur Laz Alonso. Get a sneak peek into his life as he

talks about growing up in DC, why he keeps his private life “private” and the fact that Hollywood is not all glitz and glamour.

This proud Howard University Alum should make all HBCU Alum proud!