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LL Cool J and Ice Cube parlays their influences into a bid for Sports TV Channels

Periodically we come across BIG stories at Lloyd Media Group that can be translated to our daily business lives. When we do, we’ll share it.

In the 80s, society believed that Hip Hop was going to be a passing fad. The claim was these young men and women in rap music were simply teenagers “stealing” music and talking over monotonous beats. How wrong they were.

While the media and record industry vets were focusing on the fact they didn’t like the “music” or the “message”, many of the best of the hip hop community were focusing on “hustling” and “grinding”. They were entrepreneurs who knew that they only way they would make it, was to kick in the door and make an impact. As much as the industry didn’t like, It looks like they were right.

Today when you look at the list of the biggest #influencers in popular culture, many of them parlayed their music careers into boundless business ventures. This is a huge accomplishment for new aged media and media ownership. For those who may not now, there are very few African American owners of televison networks here in America. In sports, where AA make up the bulk of basketball and football players, there aren’t any owners.

When looking at the competition for these networks…the competition is stiff. One of the biggest difference will be the collective brands of #LLCoolJ and #IceCube. Two of the biggest entertainment brands of the last 30 years.

Regardless of what happens, it is a win for the culture and the community of influencers.

What’s your takeaway. No matter how big you are, your personal brand matters.

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