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Podcast Alert: JEEPAC…Post Election 2018

Our client #JEEPAC wanted to produce a conversation with business leaders in the Atlanta, GA. community about the election season 2018. Here’s what we produced for them, Post Election 2018: How Do We Win, Regardless of the Winner. 

The conversation was amazing. The guests included:

Yusuf Ali…40 year Entrepreneur
Eldredge Washington…Millenial Entreprenuer
Tamara Johnson Shealey…Political Aspirant, Law Student, Podcaster
Verdalia Turner…President of the Georgia Federation of Teachers
Donald “Baby D” Jenkins…Rapper and Entrepreneur
Cory Henry…Entrepreneur, S.T.E.A.M Advocate, Kemp Advocate
Richard Rose… President of the Atlanta NAACP

I served as the the moderator. If you’re interested in getting this type of content produced for you or your organization, please leave us an email.


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