Wendy Williams Rumored To Lose Endorsement Deals Over Comments about HBCU’s and NAACP

October 24, 2020 | By lmgcontractor1

So as we continue to teach our clients the power of the media, both in broadcast and socially, television personality, Wendy Williams has found herself in hot water because of comments she mad about two institutions of the black community. Historically Black colleges and the NAACP. She questioned the value of both and has received major criticism from the black community, including TV One Host/Commentator Roland Martin.

The often irascible Williams seems to have back peddled a bit following her comments and has actually invited Martin on her show to discuss the matter. We’ll see how that goes tomorrow.

What are we to learn from this incident:

  • In Today’s climate brands responding immediately. So should you.
  • Social media and a TV personality’s sponsors are much more powerful than their egos.

Whether you are on TV daily, in a pulpit on Sunday or work in a drive thru, we all have a brand. Lets continue to be mindful of it in our day to day lives.