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Lloyd Media Group Presents The One Thing Summit 2015

The One Thing Summit

We’ll equip you to compete at your best level to achieve your highest results!


What could you learn about managing a budget from someone who has been responsible for over a half a billion dollars in profit and loss statements? What can you learn about managing your staff from someone who has had over 3000 employees to serve at one time? The One Thing Summit will bring you incredible insight in managing your business whether big or small!

Tracey Lloyd, Army Veteran, Retail Executive and Business Coach will conduct this session


Whether we like it or not, the world of business has truly become flat. The fastest growing economies, which are based in the middle and Far East, are based in innovation. Our leaders will teach you how to use “traditional” methods of marketing to adapt and adjust in a “non-traditional” and digital world!

Miguel Lloyd of Lloyd Media Group will conduct this session


Going at it on your own you takes skills, determination and a great support system. How will you know when it is time to take the leap? How do you handle the successes and failures? How do you choose the right professional relationships & associations that will help you business grow.

Micheal T. Hill of the Atlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce will help you answer some of these tough questions and many more!

Whether you are a long-standing professional striving to advance within today’s changing climate or new to the market looking for your best positioning on the global stage,

The One Thing Summit

will equip you to compete at the highest level to achieve your highest results.

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