Life Full Circle Podcast: Author, Activist and Artist Joseph Mathews

October 25, 2020 | By lmgcontractor1

On this episode of Life Full Circle Radio, we’ll talk to author (Things I Wish My Teacher Knew About Me: Memoir of a Disengaged Student) and activist, Joseph Mathews.

As we’ve watched the riots in cities like Baltimore, Dallas and now Charlotte, many have asked the question, why isn’t Tulsa rioting like other cities hurt by these incidents of police homicides in Black America? Brother Joseph Mathews wrote a blog a couple of years ago about being silently Black In America. He’s from Oklahoma and addressed it better than most. Here’s a quote from the blog.

As I now share time between DC and NYC and stand in solidarity with those who march in the fight for justice, I also stand with my brethren in middle and rural America who are not yet able to stand publicly. I stand with those who have no one around willing to march with them, with those who see the injustices ravaging their communities but have no recourse. I stand with those who live in states like mine where your votes for progress means very little as you are heavily outnumbered. I stand with those who see the rallies on TV like I did as a kid but feel so distant and invisible.” Read more here

ownload the episode below. We recorded this episode in the midst of a tumultous week that included the killings of two more black men (#TerenceCrutcher and #KeithLamontScott) at the hands of law enforcment.
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